Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Confessions of a Closet Catholic.

Justine Silver's best friend, Mary Catherine McAllister, has given up chocolate for lent, but Jussy doesn't think God wants her to make that kind of sacrifice. So she decided to give up being Jewish instead.
Jussy's bedroom closet becomes her confessional as she pours out her sins to her teddy bear, "Father Ted." But when her beloved Bubbe suffers a stroke, Jussy worries that her religious exploration is responsible. Worse, Jussy must suddenly contemplate life without Bubbe, the one person who seems to understand her. 
Justine Silver is struggles to find out where she belong, Not feeling like she fits with the family, mostly her "perfect" sister Helena with her beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, tall, thin body and all the boys wanting her. While Jussy is short, fat, zip-pone and the one boy she likes doesn't notice her. (We've all be through that!) She also struggles with fitting in her Religion. We follow her on her adventure of Religion and closet confessions to find where she really belongs.

This book was so cute to me. It was a little weird reading this after reading so much urban  fantasy but it was a really good book. I'm a Christian myself, *Baptist* even though I've never been confused with my religion, I have always loved reading about other religions. My favourite being the Indian and Arabic Culture/Religion. As said in the book the Muslims have a holiday called "Ramadan" which is when they fasted during daylight hours to know how it is to be homeless and starving. They spent their time focusing on prayer, charity and religions devotion. The Indian's have the holiday "Diwali" also known as "Deepavali" which is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in Autumn each year. Diwali is the biggest and the brightest festival in India. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of the light over darkness. The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival of Diwail coincides with the darkest, new moon night of Hindu Lunisolar mouth "Kartika". In the Gregorian calendar, Diwali falls between mid-October and mid-November. And then Christians have Christmas and Jews have Hanukkah. In only words we all have our Holidays and beliefs and in this book we are shown the struggles of finding which on to believe and fit into. Over all this book was beautiful and helped me learn more about different religions. Highly recommend.

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