Saturday, February 28, 2015

So Silver Bright (Theatre Illuminata #3)

                                        The final curtain call

 Bertie thinks her quest is almost done. With the help of Ariel and the rest of her friends, she has managed to find her father and rescue Nate from Sedna, the Sea Goddess.Now, all she has to do is reunite her father, the Scrimshander, with her mother, Ophelia, and she will finally have a true family of her own.

However, things are never easy for Beatrice Shakespeare Smith. Her father has vanished, Sedna is out for revenge, her own actions have trapped the Theatre Illuminata  in strange kind of limbo, and the stress of her in-between state is tearing apart the fragile threads of her mother's sanity.

Bertie is caught between her growing responsibilities to home and family, and the dream of flying free - just as her heart is torn between her two loves,  Nate and Ariel. With so many forces pulling on her, how will Bertie be able to choose which wish to make come true?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Perchance to Dream (Theatre Illuminata #2)

             The world outside the Theatre

Growing up in a enchanted Theatre Illuminata, Bertie learned everything about every play ever written. She knew the Players and their parts-but she didn't know that she had a role to play, too. Now that she's discovered her own magic, she is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales. And she's ready to write her own story, outside the protective walls of the Theatre. But which way will her story go? Towards Nate, who's being held captive by the Sea Goddess, and loves Bertie dearly? Or should she write Ariel into her narrative? He's by her side everyday, and she's finding his charms so very hard to resist...

The Walls Around Us

Look what I got, Thank you so much to Algonquin books and Nova for sending it!! Book review soon to come!! XD

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eyes Like Stars (Theatre Illuminata) Book Review.

                            All her world's a stage.

"Welcome to the Theater Illuminata, where the characters of every play ever written can be found behind the curtain. The actors are bound to the Theatre by The Book, an ancient and magical tome of scrips. Bertie is not one of the actors, but they her family. And she is about to lose them all because The Book has been threatened, and along with it the Theatre. It's the only home Bertie has ever known, and she has to find a way to save it. But first, there's the small problem of two handsome men, both vying for her attention. The course of true love never did run smooth..." 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello, Blog post number one!! This is going to be an introduction.

Name:Lolita Marie
Hobbies:Reading,writing,singing,dancing,training cheeky monkeys. *It's a VERY hard job!!*
Reason for blog:I LOVE reading so much and thought "Wow Lo, You could be a book blogger!!" So here I am!! All jokes aside I love the idea of being able to share books and my thoughts on books with you guy's. There is nothing better then reading a book and opening your mind to a new world and new possibilities. I hope you join me on this wonderful adventure. ~Lolita